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I was very depressed and upset since yesterday. I'm not sure why I'm in the gloom, and I go back to work on Monday. My boyfriend suggested we go out, he wasn't in the mood to ruin the weekend. He drove me to Loch Lomond.

Loch Lomond is half hour's drive out of Glasgow. It was a beautiful late afternoon, much cooler than Glasgow. It was quite quiet also, I can imagine most people around were locals.

There isn't much to see around in Loch Lomond, a little sea life aquarium, a few cafes and an expensive mall. They are on the shores of the loch.

Below is the view of the aquarium building:

Boyfriend and me we went for a long walk around the lake. I felt very peaceful, the atmosphere was so calm that I felt grateful, I was there at that moment. The evening fell very quickly. We spoke to a few locals who were jogging on the shores. They love staying there, nothing would take them away from the tranquility they felt living there. I could very well understand what they meant, as the location was prime if someone wanted to work in the city but stay away from the hustle of city life. The area has quite a few well kept walkways, but the slight hint of the rain in the air kept us from venturing further.

As we walked away from the mall towards the other side, I could see beautiful mist on the hills. The lights of the mall shone brightly throughout. I wish I could have captured it better with my camera.

Finally, for some early dinner of fishcakes before we headed off home.

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