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Bawled my eyed out watching this show, it is so beautiful and perfect and sad at the same time.

'14 Sai no Haha' tells the story of a cute bubbly 14 year old girl Miki who falls pregnant after a night spend with her boyfriend (Haruma Miura) on a treehouse. The result is the constant battle between her longings of motherhood at such a young age, and the norms of society. Her boyfriend ran away scared, leaving the girl and her parents to pick up the pieces. This beautiful tale is about her and her wonderful and strong mother (Misako Tanaka) and father(Katsuhisa Namase), who supported her throughout the whole ordeal.

The lead actress Mirai Shida was only 13 during the time of shooting, watch out for her brilliant and heart wrenching performance. Probably the only thing pretty unrealistic looked to be the 'romance' between the couple, probably because of the massive age difference between the actors. This is definitely Mirai Shida's show.
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I've been watching quite a few live action movies and Jdramas the last couple of days.

On Sunday I saw the movies Gantz 1 and 2. It was quite gruesome but I enjoyed the plot. I recall a few years ago I tried to watch the anime, but the plot wasn't of a much interest to me those days. How wrong I was :) This is quite a complex world. Plus it was great to Matsuyama Kaniichi among the cast members.

The second one is a jdrama called 'No Dropping out :Back to school at 35'. This reminded me a lot of Gokusen, but this one had much more content - class heirarchy, bullying, teenage suicide, depression, friendship, peer pressure, violence, even depression and bullying amongst teachers. The first episde had me in tears. This is a very good series, and thankfully no cutesy romance to spoil it all. It starts Ryoko Yonekura as the lead.

Work is going all right. I won a raffle at an event at work, and the prize was a £40 gift card to Vue Cinemas, plus a box of movie munchies.

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Below is a list of TV shows I'm into; based only on the ones currently airing.

TV shows currently watching :

Game of Thrones, Penny Dreadful, Madam Secretary, Elementary, Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Fresh off the Boat, Dr Ken, Big Bang Theory, Chicago Fire, Stitchers.

TV shows to bingewatch later
(current season) :

Supernatural, The 100, The Good Wife, Agents of SHIELD, 12 Monkeys, Once Upon a Time.

TV shows dropped :
Scandal, Blacklist, Vampire Diaries, Originals, Legends of Tomorrow, The Path, Heartbeat, Castle, Containment, Gotham, Bates Motel, Person of Interest, Blindspot, The Good Witch.

I wohld love to catch up on Gotham and Bates Motel, but I barely have enough time as it is. I found Containment interesting, but lacked likeable characters. Please feel free to recommend me anything :)
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Congrats to Jensen for the People's Choice award!!


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