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Jan. 5th, 2014

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Well, tomorrow is my final day of my holiday. I started getting back to my work emails since the last week, so it feels as if I never left :( It was so hectic in December.

The last two weeks at home nearly killed me, especially in terms of my daily nutrition. I realized how much dependent I had become on my office canteen food. Despite the quality, I could always grab something off the shelf even if it's just a roll and soup. And the strong black coffee, I really missed it. For dinner I would grab a sandwich from work and munch on my way home. I feel extremely lazy after a solid two hour of travel two and from work. But now, on my holiday, I realized I had nothing to cook. So ended up going to the supermarket and getting a hoard of frozen pizzas and pies, hearing which my Mum on the other side of the world was extremely shocked.

New year will bring new challenges and new opportunities. A lot will change in my life both in professional and private aspects. And I can't wait to roll on with the tide. One of my two main goals is to pass my LABVIEW CLAD Exam, and the next will b e to get my Driving License. I'm so tired of taking more and more classes, I wish it end quickly. Carpooling daily is no joke.

Finally, have you guys been checking out Sherlock? I loved the first episode, tomorrow is the next one, can't wait :)



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