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2017-02-15 09:32 am
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V Day

How was everyone's valentine's day ? I didn't have much going on. I had planned to cook dinner but it was half 8 by the time I got home from work. Boyfriend was very tired as it was a promotion day at his store. He left at around 4:30am in the morning and was home fast asleep by the time I got back. So I just ordered a Dominoes pizza.

But he did get me a cute make up case over the weekend. I had been wanting one for a while.

On the other hand, I finally said goodbye to Non, my little travling toy friend, and she is on her way to another country. I planned to take her to a few places, but didn't have enough time. So it was mostly around Glasgow and Stirling.

If anyone wants to have a look at Non's journeys, here is her Instagram account:
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2017-02-11 09:58 pm
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My boyfriend made some amazing vegetarian kebabs today.

This was how it looked like before entering the oven:

This looked out of the oven:

Also I've had a blast from the past this weekend, on a reunion with my old coworkers. Maybe when I am a bit more relaxed and have had a time to think, I can make a post. Someday.
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2017-02-04 07:51 pm
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Stirling Trip

During last weekend, me and boyfriend took a short trip to Stirling.

It is the smallest city in Scotland, and is very much seeped in history. Its most famous attraction is the Stirling Castle, which sits atop of Castle Hill. Several Scottish Kings and Queens have been crowned at Stirling, including Mary, Queen of Scots, in 1542. It was also one of the main focal points for Scottish Wars of Independence,the last one in 1746 during the Jacobite Invasion (a nod for Outlander fans). It was hard to pinpoint exactly when it was built, but it certainly dates back to earliest twelfth century.

We took quite a few photographs around, and the evening views were beautiful with the snow.

Here's another gorgeous evening view:

Surrounding the castle are the famous Douglas gardens,with its own myths and histories:

Also surrounding the main Castle buildings are some beautiful stony courtyards:

Lastly to add, there is a ghost present in the castle, who is said to be one of Queen Mary's servants in the form of a green lady. She has bern viewed quite a few times. And Mary herself is seen as a pink lady.
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2017-01-29 06:13 pm
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Plus Account

I havent updated for a while.. one of the reasons is LJ is refusing to upload more pictures, unless I buy a plus account with higher storage space.

This has gotten me contemplating for a while. Should I go for it, or not? Its 25 dollars for a one off payment for one year. Or 20 dollars annual billing.

I dont want to pay at the moment. But the other option is to loose some of my oldest pics to clear some storage space.

Are there quite a few of my friends with plus accounts? Is it worth it ?
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2017-01-08 01:42 am
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Trip to Loch Lomond

I was very depressed and upset since yesterday. I'm not sure why I'm in the gloom, and I go back to work on Monday. My boyfriend suggested we go out, he wasn't in the mood to ruin the weekend. He drove me to Loch Lomond.

Loch Lomond is half hour's drive out of Glasgow. It was a beautiful late afternoon, much cooler than Glasgow. It was quite quiet also, I can imagine most people around were locals.

There isn't much to see around in Loch Lomond, a little sea life aquarium, a few cafes and an expensive mall. They are on the shores of the loch.

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2016-09-08 09:52 pm
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2016-08-05 06:35 pm
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This week has been very tiring. For some reason I had trouble sleeping every single night. Each night for the past few nights I ended up sleeping at 1am and waking up at 5am to catch my bus. Im tired. I wonder if its the caffeine in my system; the morning after the first late night I ended up taking three glasses of coffee in the morning and four in the afternoon. That night I lay wide awake.

Caffeine is a vicious cycle. After lunch at work, I barely could keep my eyes open.

Now I'm at the bus stop in Edinburgh waiting for my regular bus to go home. Two of them passed on front of my eyes, for some reason I just stared.

Bored, I took this picture of a tiny mural of Edinburgh Castle. It is on top of a lamp post on a bridge near my stop.

I sincerely hope I don't doze off in the bus stop.
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2016-08-03 09:48 pm

Jdramas and Raffle

I've been watching quite a few live action movies and Jdramas the last couple of days.

On Sunday I saw the movies Gantz 1 and 2. It was quite gruesome but I enjoyed the plot. I recall a few years ago I tried to watch the anime, but the plot wasn't of a much interest to me those days. How wrong I was :) This is quite a complex world. Plus it was great to Matsuyama Kaniichi among the cast members.

The second one is a jdrama called 'No Dropping out :Back to school at 35'. This reminded me a lot of Gokusen, but this one had much more content - class heirarchy, bullying, teenage suicide, depression, friendship, peer pressure, violence, even depression and bullying amongst teachers. The first episde had me in tears. This is a very good series, and thankfully no cutesy romance to spoil it all. It starts Ryoko Yonekura as the lead.

Work is going all right. I won a raffle at an event at work, and the prize was a £40 gift card to Vue Cinemas, plus a box of movie munchies.

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2016-06-15 09:26 pm


I can understand why Toradora is called a 'complex' anime.. a plethora of feelings and emotions, such an amazing whirlpool.. or maybe its the fifteen year old inside of me. I love this series.

Im not much into romantic animes, or anything remotely close. But Im so glad I gave this a chance. Extremely likeable characters, layers of emotions, beautiful storyline with a good dose of comedy. Its a very warm, fuzzy and relaxing anime.

Would be glad for some similar recommendations!!!!

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2016-06-14 11:12 am
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Isnt watermelon a marvellous fruit ?

So when me and boyfriend saw watermelons for 75p at our local Tesco, we couldnt help buying two. But reaching home and looking at our tiny fridge, out lightbulbs went out. How do we fit two massively sized watermelons in there ? Boyfriend had an idea, to juice it up.

He had the laborious task of cutting both into tiny little pieces. For some reason he left the seeds in. The end product, after straining, was delicious.

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2015-11-27 03:59 pm
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Thanks to everyone who wished me on my birthday on Wednesday. Everyone made my day very special.

I actually had quite an uneventful day. Me and my boyfriend decided (It was mostly me..) that this year we won't be able to afford a party. So it was work and home; just like any other day. I am 29 years old now; and I feel so bogged down with life. A lot happened in the past few years; some happy and some sad. I don't have too many regrets, but I wish I could have changed a few things, done a few things differently.

A cute cake from my boyfriend at the stroke of midnight...
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2015-08-07 10:59 am
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Hello guys!!! Havent posted for a while since I was soo busy with work and so stressed out... so will need to take a break this month till my major projects get completed. will be be back mid September.

Till then.... take care!
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2015-06-25 09:13 am
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Glasgow Fair

So there was a pretty Global Village Fair in Glasgow last week. Plenty of food, munchies, crafts, but quite pricey as compared to retail price. They come a couple of times each year , plus they form a part of the Christmas Fair.My favorite stalls are the ones sellinmg crafts, crepes, and Moroccon curried meatballs. Here are some pictures:

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2014-08-26 11:27 pm
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Here's the second love of my life.. after my bf. They are delicious and yummy fried Indian sweets.

The state that I am from in India are famous for its production, as well as export of a variety of sweets. They are usually the types made from cottage cheese, milk, or chhena, a type of moist un-fermented cheese.
I think making these are particularly difficult, because it is quite easy for them to crumbleGulab_Jamun__171771793847
The left image shows 'Gulab Jamun', or 'Pantua'. Gulab Jamun is similar to a dumpling, made from semolina, unsalted cheese, sugar, flour and eggs among other small ingredients used for flavoring. I tried making it a couple of times, but the consistency is quite difficult to achieve from store bought readymade mixture. Plus because they need to be soaked in sugar syrup, the last thing I would want (and has happened countless times) is for them to break and end end up in a syrupy mess.

The right image is a version of 'gulab jamun', called 'kalo jaamun'. The word 'kalo' means black. They are basically gulaab jamuns, but deep fried in ghee (unclarified butter) thus their outer skin becomes quite hard. This sweet is quite rich and heavy, for me, I cannot have more than one of these at a time. It is very popular at weddings, birthdays and other celebrations.

But my most favorite sweet is gulaab-jamun, eaten with vanilla ice cream.
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2014-06-14 08:09 pm
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Trip to Invereray, and Oban

Last weekend, me and my boyfriend, took a trip to the little and beautiful town of Invereray, in Argyll, around two hours away from Glasgow, Scotland. Inveraray is known as the the gateway to the Highlands and Islands. It offers access to national parks, mountains, glorious gardens and beautiful islands. We visited the beautiful Invereray Castle, home of the Duke of Argyll. A few episodes of 'Downton Abbey' were also shot here.

After Invereray, we went to Oban, a beautiful little town, also the gateway to the islands of Mull and Iona. By the time we were so tired, we decided not to go any further, and to take the long drive back home. Here is a photo of the town of Oban. Next time, we will make sure to make our trip a longer one.

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2014-01-24 09:08 pm
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Now that series 3 of Sherlock is over, I wonder if I did actually relive any moment of Season 1 and 2 during the whole time season 3 was aired. I honestly loved the show in season 1 and 2. It's true it had blaring storyline gaps, but the acting, music and the whole mysterious atmosphere made up for it. But this season, why was it so much rushed? However, the present Watson gets a much more meatier role. I like Martin Freeman, there can be no other. Mark Gatiss shone as Mycroft.

The third episode was my favourite, as it started off beautifully with a shot of Charles Augustus Magnussen. This was the episode I had been waiting for all this while.

More pics of the season )

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2014-01-05 03:02 am
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End of Holiday

Well, tomorrow is my final day of my holiday. I started getting back to my work emails since the last week, so it feels as if I never left :( It was so hectic in December.

The last two weeks at home nearly killed me, especially in terms of my daily nutrition. I realized how much dependent I had become on my office canteen food. Despite the quality, I could always grab something off the shelf even if it's just a roll and soup. And the strong black coffee, I really missed it. For dinner I would grab a sandwich from work and munch on my way home. I feel extremely lazy after a solid two hour of travel two and from work. But now, on my holiday, I realized I had nothing to cook. So ended up going to the supermarket and getting a hoard of frozen pizzas and pies, hearing which my Mum on the other side of the world was extremely shocked.

New year will bring new challenges and new opportunities. A lot will change in my life both in professional and private aspects. And I can't wait to roll on with the tide. One of my two main goals is to pass my LABVIEW CLAD Exam, and the next will b e to get my Driving License. I'm so tired of taking more and more classes, I wish it end quickly. Carpooling daily is no joke.

Finally, have you guys been checking out Sherlock? I loved the first episode, tomorrow is the next one, can't wait :)

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2014-01-02 05:08 am
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Happy New Year

Hello guys!!!! Wish you guys had a fabulous Christmas and a lovely new year!!

I basically spend my holidays moping around the house and basically doing nothing much. Saw a couple of TV shows and got myself updated till the latest episodes of Game of Thrones, Da Vinci's Demons, The Borgias, Ripper Street, and finally watched the new Sherlock show today.

For those who know me, would know I don't live with my family at the moment. As air fares are expensive I avoid going home during this time of the year. But I miss them a lot..

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2013-12-08 12:32 pm
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Glee ?

Recently I've been starting to watch this show, as a recommendation from few of my friends in FB. I did start liking it, Season 1 specially. I loved the characters, and how they individually faved them without giving up hope. Even Sue Sylvester, slightly cheesy, but lovely to watch. Season 2 and 3, it was all right, I didn't like the story lines too much, but were watchable.

I was really expecting to follow the different careers of the kids when they graduate, show us their own trials and tribulations, their individual fights against the world. Instead half of the cast members were dumped, and a new group brought in which I felt were really dull. Marley Rose lacks Rachel's punch. Jake compared to Finn ? Oh please..

Miss the old group.. Goodbye Glee!